(s)wells, maine

42082583532_afe7044769_oI’m a purveyor of small things. From tiny homes to small quivers, my fascination with minimalism takes plight. I believe the message we are primed to believe, that more money, and grander cars will bring us happiness, is not accurate for someone like me. As I enter my twenties I’ve begun to realize that constantly pushing the bar, finish line, or whatever made me feel majorly incomplete all the time.  Nothing I could ever buy would be as rewarding as something I completed with my own hands and I take that to heart. Feeling content about having life hardly figured out has been my biggest takeaway yet.Having a few set goals and steps to achieve them, with less things helped me accomplish so much more this year. With Avocado Coast Its been my goal to share simple pleasures i.e. photography, art, and surfing to prove that less can be more.

41227936725_b9ba71e648_oA couple inspiring photographs lead me to document tiny curls this past month. Gripping my A7 with a fixed 135mm f2.8 manual lens like my life depended on it, I carefully shot within inches of fast moving curls. This required me getting in the water and crouching, for your own visualization. The a7’s tiltable screen allowed me to find manual focus on this raging XXS day.