Planing planes, by hand


If you’re into reading about purveyors of personal propulsion devices (aka watermen), then you’ll know what these are. Come hell or high water? Avocado Coast proudly presents the Baked Potato hand plane lineup for body surfing. It’s a sport, I swear, just look up Mark Cunningham.  These are on sale at Aquaholics Surf Shop in Kennebunk, Maine and although not quite selling like southern hot cakes, I did see a young grom try it on today while in the shop. It was rewarding to say the least. Artwork and shaping both done by myself. Wood lay up is Cedar x Maple stringer.




Ask any New Englander and they have likely heard of the fabled Baxter Peak, known more tellingly as Mount Katahdin located on the southern half of Baxter State Park. A near century old land preserve that had stretched its borders incrementally over the span of 30 years to accomplish an immodest two hundred thousand acres with nearby national monument. Ostentatious this park is not. Yes, LL Bean has capitalized this natural environment too from their dubious clothing lines and graphic tees, blindly pushing Freeport to get ‘out there’ and glamp some more.

Having soloed up and down Mt Washington in the early spring in under five hours, I had not expected a less elevated peak to offer more challenge. I was fooled.  Beginning with a wet, mosquito ridden night, transferring to a 4:00 am wake up in order to guarantee an impromptu day permit, I would venture to say Katahdin is not for the fainthearted. Hitting the trail at 5:50 am. Erin and I hiked for about two hours via Roaring Brook trailhead towards Helon Taylor where we first escaped the treeline. We then pushed ourselves for another two scrambling up ^Pamola and crossing the infamous Knifes Edge beckoning at the summit. Our ascent totaled roughly four hours and our descent followed suit of four more hours of boulders and crag hopping down a drainage referred to as Saddle Brook. I was glad to have my Asolo Fugitives on my feet that day and the overall experience was great to the say the least. 

Sightings of snow and ice were quite strange as it was June 21st, the day of summer solstice. Gatekeeper mentioned the summit air was estimated to be 43° at midday.

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