Pass the ‘bucha!


First time I had sampled Kombucha was in the front seat of my mothers car at the end of my fifth grade year. My reaction to the acrid liquid looked a lot like I had just drank vinegar. Well… I was only eleven. The second pint was at a whole foods in Andover (typical I know). The third and fourth were also, probably, from G.T. Daves well stocked collection across from the burrito station (where I hung out in high school), but for a better story, it was around this time that I began the relatively easy process of crafting my own organic brew. So the fifteenth fourth pint came from my own kitchen.

Here’s a shot of my own brew, likely a half dozen tries away from achieving something characteristically and tastefully Maine… It was more fiery than sweet, but also cost me less than a quarter. Soon enough I’ll attempt ‘Sunday Morning Pancakes’ which will combine blueberries and maple syrup.

What was once hard to find, or at least offered an odd experience in the process, is now stocked at your local store. So if you see a glass or tap of this tasty beverage, get after it.. If making by hand, opt for ginger and fresh squeezed juices, like lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Assuming you like the same thing I like.

Thanks to the Urban Farm Fermentory for the professional bottles that they did not hand me directly.