Land Cruiser


I’ve got a knack for creating curves. Without a template or much difficulty, I seem to trace new and interesting shapes into each Avocado Coast board. Besides the wood layup, its the most interesting step in creating my own skateboards. This particular one is my new set of wheels for Oregon. Somewhere around the 5th or 6th build, I began rounding the edges into a 50/50 manner, much like a vintage Hansen shape. This redefined the exposed pattern of hardwoods and transformed my view of these small but mighty land cruising vehicles. First time rolling on Acid Chemical Co wheels and beautiful polished Paris trucks. Sounds like a winning combo to me. Two claps for the coast…

Shout out to Lesley for admiring my board in Ogunquit during this photography session. It was a pleasure.

Handmade Cruiser


You give up a lot when you search for surf in colder climates. Including anything pertaining to the warm and comfortable. Search the globe and one might not find winter waves more convenient and also lonely than in southern Maine. Vactionland’s “off-season” has a lot to offer, of course the trade off is that surfing Maine can be a rather cold and unpleasant experience. “It’s too damn cold!” Some will say. “Don’t you have to wear a dry suit?” Others will ask.

During the summer months, grey skies, tall pine trees and rocky point breaks are taken over by teslas, beach moms, and increased traffic. Around this time, I bring out my own summer wheels. I made it from an eclectic mix of hardwood stringers all salvaged from scrap bins. I once passed a tesla with it, I swear.

Pictures from Kennebunk Beach

29″ x 8″ x 5/8″

Walnut, Oak, Maple