Last month, during the week of my 21st, a concentrated rough patch with a fairly long-time girlfriend culminated in a split. Short version — I got dumped, and didn’t see it coming. But, all is better than before.

Imparting a surfer-specific brand of dealing with the aforementioned event came as the best and most obvious remedy. A truly freezing afternoon logging session at Long Sands seemed to be an ice pack to this wound. Lately I can’t get it out of my head – the way it looked, the way it felt tearing across those waist high peelers, paddling out beyond the break and charging my log towards the beach. I wasn’t even bothered that I couldn’t feel my hands and face again heading back through town, board in tow. To be honest, I miss surfing and the cold. The two have become somewhat synonymous. 

The other night, a buddy of mine visited me in Charlottesville. Having a beer with Clark, and having dinner together was a real treat. It was a small testament to all that I have to be grateful for. Getting back to school was also the most constructive way for me to swiftly move past the struggles of heartache and start rebuilding.

In truth, there are many incredible people to meet here in Virginia and waves to be ridden (however far out of the way). It just may require sifting. Post cold which I headily recovered from (I felt, and likely looked like death off and on for two weeks), I began to embrace the future. (for me it’s club running and free yoga at the mem). I met an interesting friend who I nearly knocked out during a class, hitting the ground hard while trying (working on?) my donkey kick up to a handstand pike. Had I not taken the time to get myself out there and strike up a conversation or two, these types of connections I have built up would never be forged and my existence would be less rich than it is now. 

Most things in life go as planned. What I once thought would be a lasting relationship went up in a blaze of emotions. What I once thought was going to be a week of epic surf in Acadia started out with two miserable rainy nights alone in my Jeep, followed by a few days of seriously on shore wind. I can’t neither consider the relationship or the trip as a waste of time. Both contained moments, experiences and subsets which shaped me as a person. In any event, both are in the past and can’t be changed regardless. The next time an opportunity for love or the set of the day presents itself, I’ll be ready and more experienced than the next guy. And If my longest board won’t catch a glide, I’ll explore the area.