In my senior year at pa I took a poetry class to ease some tension. While exploring deep in my drive, I found the a small collection of the loosely formulated poems that I submitted to Eng 505. Without any alterations…

Night In Boston


From my table, the night’s stained with light,  

glare, that suppresses the eye.

The Charles wants to flow onward,

away from us and out to sea.

The street offered ambient sound,

But I was alone, aimlessly scuffling through the city

Carelessly treading through puddles that I would have drunk from.


Walking through the city, I nodded to people on the street.

I’d walk through the desert, saluting cowboys.


It was much warmer in the Arizona


Out there the animals have free roam and

Grass drowns in the lava of cowshit.

They stood in herds, staring, resting.


My tired self took mental notes.

Maybe this was the only way to survive.

I passed them on the gravel road,

dust blowing at my covered face,

the sight of prickly pear was getting old.

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