New York City is interesting in the same way that an assortment of stylish, however, mismatched socks is. You like so many of them individually, but you can’t just reach in and pull out a pair. You are at odds. Now, I’m not saying you there aren’t days when I could care less about wether my right foot is dark grey and my right, stark green, kind of like the south wall in my apartment, but I’m just entertaining the idea that sometimes I want things (my feet in this analogy) to look – and feel – a certain way. And so in New York, the situation can be similar to both a collection of gold-toe sock wearing, business seeking bunch like many old Andover dorm mates, (Quamme was all business — who cares for comfort anyways) and also a pair of bicycling Santa Claus socks that I had been given for Christmas one year (not really applicable everyday). You can start to envision the disorder.

New York is fun. I had a ball exploring all the food markets– just one single block revealed a more diverse palette of options than entire towns that I have lived in. It can be a place where incredible things happen, which could be refrained as tacos are always in season. I don’t envision it being a place where I could become complacent. For now, its an interesting collective of ideas. I would be able to do a lot of art in a big city, and might actually sell it for what I think it’s worth. I would predict many late nights in an odd apartment. More tacos. More Chinese food. Much more dim sum. More studios where everyone is gripped for real estate. More long runs. More skateboard commuting. More wacky finds at flea markets. More of a lot of great things.

Classic Flight of the Conchords… If you haven’t seen it. Caught on a flyer in the city.


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