Living Edge


There’s plenty of weird people in the Pacific Northwest. There’s the wonderfully weird, the extremely strange and the ‘it’s kinda hard to tell’ type. Luckily, there are plenty of designers that drive their art and architecture from our inspiring skyscrapers, in all of their lush green glory. It’s true, the PNW is truly an inspiring place and for now I find something about rain to be relaxing (I hope I still say that in the spring).

I built this live edge coffee table the week before I left. With taller legs I suppose it could become an dining table also. Lots of interesting swirls, curls, and undulating lines reminded me of a river delta, while the funky bowed shape was totally an unforeseen organic play that I couldn’t erase even if I tried. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow…

It started as a giant 3 inch thick slab from a befallen Maple tree near the NH/Maine border. I collected it from a local arborist, trimmed it in two with a bandsaw in a practice called ‘re-saw’. Several points during the process had me questioning its completion, but all went fine with joining the pieces, and securing to a pair of steel legs. Looking forward to more slab projects in the future — the grander the challenge the greater the reward is how its been working lately while in the shop.44033720134_2dc6a7a1a5_o.jpg29815598837_a10fa06b6a_o.jpg



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