Pacific Northwest

43843301265_0ee1876fca_o.jpgToday I sit in my Eugene apartment for the second morning staring at my base camp duffel bag. Wednesday I was surfing the east coast some two thousand miles away from me now. I knew it would be the last time I surfed for awhile, but I had no idea just how long I’d have to wait. It was bittersweet. Flash forward a few days, and I was back in Utah, having the best weekend of my life with Erin, apprehensively packing my belongings into the aforementioned cargo carrier, preparing for a journey to the Pacific Wonderland state. Funny the way it is when you are finally doing what you always wanted to, but leaving things and people that you love.

What might fit in two carry ons that accompanied me on this journey might surprise you. A skateboard, full size yoga mat, inflatable sleeping pad, climbing shoes, blundstones, minimalist puffy and a laptop among a comfortable set of clothes for multiple types of endeavours. With Bikeflights (FedEx) transporting most of my belongings and taking nearly a week for their holy delivery, I’ve been tasked with ‘living out of a suitcase’ for more than a few days. Lets just call that living simply instead. So I spent several days packing, and repacking, then finally engineering my three bike boxes, one of which actually containing a bike as its main contents.  And then I packed my shit – yet again – and departed the comfort of Utah for the cooler weather of Portland/Eugene. Here we go.


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