Che. won. ki.


I Spent close to 4 weeks on a large privately owned peninsula in Wiscasset at a popular boys camp, known as Chewonki, adding to the wondrous Maine adventure that I have called 2018.  Freezing cold morning dips, farm to table food, and a woodshop at my disposal were just a few of the perks.

Bean Guy.jpeg

This picture reflects my brief modeling career on Chewonki neck, recreating an LL Bean Signature catalog shot for the rugged, working class look.

While the job wasn’t exactly what I would call fun majority of the time, it wasn’t entirely work either, in spite of the 7-9 schedule an average of six days a week. I hiked a short section of the AT with 6th graders, which was perhaps the longest 16 miles of my life, taught wooden spoon making, and ate my heart out every damn day. With fresh sourdough bread, maine potatoes, and farm eggs every breakfast, it was hard not to. Around noon, hundreds of campers trod silently into the maple floored mess haul where they were fed veggies from the farm, along with an entirely homemade entree such as enchiladas or falafel not just on special occasion, but every day. I had some of the most spectacular dinners; farm raised pulled chicken, homemade tofu, lentil soup, and tofu pad thai. Even deserts where unique and organic in their own right. Try making blueberry ginger cake sometime, you’ll like it.

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