Bottle Opener


Let me first start off by telling you what a great place International Mountain Equipment is. This locally owned, brick and mortar store has quickly become my second favorite retail store, behind goodwill.

Every couple of months I bring bins full of my unwanted and used mountaineering goods to be consigned at there establishment. Flash forward a month or so from that date and there is always a handsome credit established that I can put towards anything in the store, including fresh veggies. Yes, I will actually trade patagonia for beets, beans, and kale in a heartbeat.

IME is relevant to this post for offering this steel Petzl ice pick in my possession for the heavily discounted storefront price of free. Their old school system of using real paper tags with a written description of the item is something near to proprietary, so I didn’t have the opportunity to document this ice picks journey from $25 to $15 to $10 to $5 to $1 then to free with a photo. The best part might have been its location on the sale rack, next to last, nestled behind various cams and carabiners all valued greater than free… Leather strap crafted from a worn out pair of Wolverine 1000 mile boots.


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