Tree to Sea

34497609340_be08feb2a8_o (1)

For those outside of the rather exclusive sustainable surf community, wooden surfboards have been gaining in popularity all over the world, as a re-evolution or reversal on the toxic crap that floods the surfing industry, then the consumer, and then our oceans.

To build a board ‘grain style’, it means to add an internal skeleton pressed between bottom planks, a deck, and rail strips to secure the curvilinear edge. Fiberglass and epoxy still cover the board, of course, but that should be expected for most wave riding tools.


For this build, I sourced aromatic cedar planks, nicely book matched with a wide center piece, contrasting the vivid, wavy heartwood edge. The internal frame was constructed from sturdy 1/8″ baltic ply, hugged by dark cathedral grain cedar strips in a tongue and groove joint. The deck displays my own mix matching of dark versus light, with symmetrical references surrounding dark stringers. I built it in a matter of months, most of the work completed during winter break in between my first and second semester of architecture schooling. The glassing had to wait until June– a hot sticky task, I learned. Thanks to the landing school in Kennebunk for providing me some workshop space back in December of ’16, and to Black Point Surf Shop in Scarborough for the resin and advice. As of fall of 2018, she still floats. Thank god the homemade vent held up.

Dim 7′ 7″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″33367174175_edb4ef9303_o



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