Taza Mexicano


Let me pass a note of well deserved praise onto Taza Chocolate out of the Bay State for they have achieved the impossible, crafting a Super Dark chocolate that even the Aztecs would have deemed gold. What makes Chocolate Mexicano different from the rest, you ask? Let me tell you. Mexican style as well as organic, direct trade and non-GMO, Taza’s distinct taste comes from two main ingredients; organic cacoa beans, organic cane sugar and also piquant traces of almonds, cashews, coconut, hazelnuts, and pecans, the wrapper tells me. It’s also free of soy, gluten, dairy, and cruelty.

Does it come in lighter blends? Yes. Is Super Dark still worth trying. Unequivocally, yes. Where can I pick up a bar of organic chocolate like this one? Anywhere remotely health conscious food is sold. Nothing else could have quenched my appetite in between surf lessons quite like a savoury 85% and deliciously dark stoneground disc of Taza… to all the other chocolate companies out there, up your game amigos!

Tree to Sea

34497609340_be08feb2a8_o (1)

For those outside of the rather exclusive sustainable surf community, wooden surfboards have been gaining in popularity all over the world, as a re-evolution or reversal on the toxic crap that floods the surfing industry, then the consumer, and then our oceans.

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Maple Table


This build was an interesting one. Perhaps more interesting than the curvilinear contours, and undulating edge, was procuring the materials. Multiple types of maple from multiple places seemed to be this projects theme. I salvaged the crisp white top planks from a cabinetry waste bin near to the UVa Architecture School. The next pieces, two hyperbolic triangles (or something like that) came from Huston & Co scrap bins in Kennebunk. The owner of that shop and the man who handed me this wood, was the previous owner of my childhood home. He also worked as the main carpenter of the kitchen cabinets. In respect to the Huston’s, they had to be incorporated. The legs were salvaged from Portsmouth, near to where I worked in my first architecture firm as an intern, last winter. Oddly enough, they trusted me to build them cabinets for their office… Well, uh, It stood.

Happy mothers day, Mom.